This girl has babysat for us a few times and is such a sweetheart!!  I was so excited when her mom called me to set up a grad shoot as a gift for her.  She is  incredibly sweet, soft-spoken, humble, genuine, and beautiful, and was an absolute joy to shoot.  She is so easy and natural in front of the camera and we ended up with so many awesome shots!  Danae, I’m stoked to have been able to hang out with you for an evening during this ridiculously exciting time in your life!!  And I wish you every success in whatever you pursue.  xoxo


Keith and Darcie met in the boxing ring. That should kinda tell you a little bit about these two! Active, outdoorsy and full of p&v 😉 Especially Darcie. This girl hates having her picture taken, and hates “posing”, so presented a bit of a challenge. But I know her a bit from high school, so i just bossed her around a little bit and stayed clear of her fists! And we got some great shots 😉 And good grief, for someone that looks as good as this in photos, what the heck is she worried about??!! Anyways, we had a blast, I laughed so hard my cheeks hurt, and I got to shoot a gun for the first time!! I think I might have peed my pants a little. That sucker was LOUD. Love you guys, and can’t wait to hang out again in a few weeks on your wedding day!! WOOP!!
Ahhh, the light in here!!

haha, see those knuckles?  Apparently she had to work out some frustration on her punching bag at the gym 😉


This location!!!


Keith loves to hunt, so we had to bring the gun along and do some photos.


and again, no traditional “guy helping girl” shots allowed!!  😀



The guy can shoot 😉


My turn!!  LOL!  That was definitely a first 😉



She hates this picture, and it’s one of my faves.  Crazy girl.


Definitely my fave!!  I can’t get over this spot!!  GAH!!


And just because I think gifs are fun.  Even when they aren’t shot with the intention of being a gif so none of the backgrounds line up.  It’s all good.


These two.  I could seriously have shot them for an entire day!!!!  So much fun, totally hilarious, very laidback, and genuinely sweet.  I’m privileged to have met them, and proud to call them friends!!  Jess is the spunky and talented creative behind One Bright Day Photography. Her and her hubby Jesse, came down from Alberta last week to visit a friend who was celebrating her graduation out here. They did a bunch of touring around, but one of Jess’s hopes was to have a photo session with her love down here on the beautiful west coast! She emailed me to see if I was available, and we planned a very spur of the moment session down at one of my very favorite locations! You can view some of those sessions here and here . She loved the unique feel of the old building, and the stunning views of the river. We drove down to the spot, got out to make the little hike down the the water, and oh man… It was completely underwater… I knew the water levels were high, but this high??! EEK!! So, major change of plans. We were still able to shoot some great stuff in and around that location, but then hopped back in the vehicles to try a location that I used to go to with my hubby when we were dating. I remembered it as being totally gorgeous, but wasn’t sure exactly where it was anymore, or how accessible it was. We ended up having to flag someone down to ask for directions, but wowzers, was it ever worth it. I can’t get over how “go with the flow” these two were, and it shows in their images!! I was able to be a little crazy and creative, and am still so excited to have collaborated with this amazing couple!!

They say “better late than never”, whoever “they” are, but they have a point.  I’m way behind in blogging, but this session is still so worth sharing!  Faye & Jimi are a riot!!  We had so many laughs while strolling around Clearbrook Park, and i can’t WAIT for their wedding!!  Love you guys!!


Mind is blown. Sandy & Nathan are seriously some of the sweetest people you will EVER meet!! And their families and their friends are a total hoot as well. There were so many highlights to their wedding day, I don’t even know where to start! Well, perhaps I could start with their absolutely AMAZING venue, La Perla Ballroom, or maybe with Sandy’s stunning ivory gown covered in lace, and her sky high Badgley Mischka heels, or Nathan’s permanent smile, or their hilarious wedding party – I mean, that limo bus will NEVER be the same… Let’s be real. It was fantastic. Every single second. And it was wonderful to spend the whole day with the super sweet Jennifer of Jenni Marie Photography at my side, getting shots that perfectly yinned to my yang! And also the spunky Sarah from Sugar of Sharai Photography who put so much effort into making the day run smoothly for us! I’m talking a full-on sprint to catch the limo as we spotted it leaving the parking lot right as we came around the corner… 😀

The girls started the day getting ready at the Inn at the Quay with makeup by Sarah Saunders, and hair by Trina Smisko. They were all in great spirits and full of excitement!
These guys. I have so many hilarious photos, but need to keep the blog post short, so for now, it’s just the normal stuff 😉
The guys arrived at La Perla, and anxiously waited for the ceremony to begin and the girls to show up! The ceremony was so beautiful. So raw, so real and emotional.
la perla ballroom wedding ceremony
SO HAPPY!! And Nathan’s sister made it very apparent that these nuptials were LONG awaited, so I think she’s pretty happy too 😉
Oh, and funny story about the location… I’m from Chilliwack, and haven’t shot a wedding in New West before, so wanted to make sure I was totally organized before the big day. So a week before the wedding I made the 1 hour drive into the city to scope some locations, texted some photos to Sandy and talked about what kind of photos she loved, and came up with a game plan for the formals. Well. After the ceremony, we all hopped in the limo to head to our first location only to have the limo driver tell us that most of the roads were closed downtown for the Hyack Festival!! So he was pretty adamant that we not attempt ANY of our three pre-determined locations! EGAD. That is not good news for a photographer. But he suggested Queen Elizabeth Park, and it was a gem. So beautiful, and so many different backdrops for photos. PHEW!!
Kinda all good looking hey? I’m pretty sure they might have been chosen as bridal party only on the basis of their looks. Which is pretty shallow actually. But I’m glad it happened. It makes my photos look great! 😀 Totally kidding of course…
Good grief girl, you are STUNNING!! And Nathan, you’re such a stud 😉
GAH!! one of my FAVES!!

Glad that the park had a bridge!  our first location had a bridge, and Sandy didn’t wanna give it up 😉



My “leaning over a cliff with no thought to my personal safety shot”   Kinda worth it in my very humble opinion 😉


SERIOUSLY??!  La Perla is like a fairytale!!




Swoooony-swoon.  First dances always get me.  And this is why a good 2nd shooter is so important!!  Her shot on the left, mine on the right!


Super sweet thank you speech from the happy couple





N e w s l e t t e r