I was so so so excited to have Janelle & Steve officially ask me to be their wedding photographer! I had a bit of an “in”, considering I’m best friends with Janelle’s older sister, Rachel, who happened to impress upon Janelle on numerous occasions how important wedding photography was, and that she really should hire a professional. I’m actually a bit concerned that they only hired me to get Rachel off their backs πŸ˜‰ Jokes. Kinda… Anyways, we ended up meeting at Starbucks so I could show them the albums and hear what they had planned for their big day. My client meetings usually run from 45 mins to an hour. I’m pretty sure we were there for over an hour and a half. I could tell you stories about Steve that even his mother probably hasn’t heard! Hahaha! We had a great time, and apparently we are a great fit, as evidenced by the constant conversation and tons of laughs.
We had a gorgeous, sunny day for their engagement session. Janelle’s dad has this old dodge truck that he fixed up, so we started there with some fun shots, and then headed off to another location for the rest of their session. Such a blast, and I am so stoked for their wedding this summer!!!

So much pretty. I would say something like, I sure hope Steve knows how lucky he is, but I know that he knows how lucky he is, so that would be a waste of time.
And off to the river for some more amazing shots!
See?? This was supposed to be a really sexy kiss, but apparently they just couldn’t stop laughing!! I love these guys.
Gotta do some crazy πŸ˜‰
Isn’t this location just STUNNING??!!
Love these posts! I have no idea what they are, but I love shooting with them!
My FAVE!!!  ↓
And then we found a little patch of grass to use, so of course, I was all over it πŸ˜‰
BLING!! Love this ring!
Love this one!

Repeat photography clients are close to my heart. I love watching the changes in a couple’s life, and I love that they like their photos enough to want to come back! Maia is one of those – I shot her grad casuals, her prom formals, and I also got to shoot her grad class on the day of their prom! She loves photography herself, and it’s a huge compliment to have someone that understands photography, book you more than once.
This couple is hilarious – I couldn’t for the life of me get my traditional romantic stuff to work for them – they were constantly laughing and pulling faces, so we went with the flow, and got more candid “them” kinda stuff. We had a blast, even though it was honestly the coldest session I have EVER shot. We actually had to take a break, beat a hasty retreat to the vehicles and warm our hands and feet on the heaters. The first part of the session we shot on the Chilliwack Army Base at an old building, and no matter WHAT side of the building we were on it was SO windy and cold!!! We didn’t last long there, so warmed ourselves up, and then bravely headed to an open field for what we thought would be a really quick few more shots. I have no idea why, but we actually were warmer there then behind a building!! So we hung out for a while and got some great shots of these two in the tall grass. Thanks again Maia & Nick – you guys are always a blast!
Hanging out on the steps of the old building on the base
One of my successful “romantic” shots!!
Maia really wanted a wide shot of them in front of the building! I can’t even get over how cold we were!!
haha, I wish I was 50lbs lighter and my hubby was able to lift me like this!! I love these kinds of shots!
Ahhh, another one I love – and once again, it’s the 70-200 πŸ˜‰ Not regretting my purchase yet!!
This girl’s got swagggg y’all.
And this is just them being them – I could hardly keep up πŸ˜€
My FAVE!! Nick had to get in his workout during the shoot πŸ˜‰
And another gorgeous sky over Chilliwack – swoon. These are just automatically romantic pics. RIGHT??! Love them!

Another gorgeous, sunny, wintery engagement session! You may have noticed from previous posts that I love shooting in the sun. It just adds some “happy” to the images! But, if I had to choose between -20 degrees with the windchill on a sunny day, vs 5 degrees without wind on a cloudy day?? let’s just say the cloudy day is starting to look mighty appealing!! And what a whiner I am; I’m not the one that has to look good! I can wear a toque, parka, gloves, leggings, pants over my leggings, socks over my pants and insulated winter boots if I felt like it. But I totally get that people actually want to look good when they get pics done! That they don’t want to show up looking like me, aka the giant woolly mammoth.. So this girl showed up in her 3/4 length t-shirt, cute scarf and jeans and WORKED it in the freezing cold for an hour!! But I hafta say – totally worth it my friend πŸ˜‰ You guys look so great and it was a blast working with you! Hopefully it’ll be a little warmer for your 2015 wedding??!
see? Sun = happy!
One of my faves! I love how you can see so little of them, but still feel such a connection. And a moody black and white just takes the cake πŸ™‚
Ahhh that sunflare!!!
Love this shot – you guys look so in love and happy!
Love this idea for save the dates – chalkboard sign, some haybales, and a tall, grassy field!
And, hot chocolate!! They got a few sips in before it went totally cold πŸ˜‰
I am LOVING my new Tamron 70-200 – check out that compression and bokeh!! Super excited to start using this lens a LOT.
Seeing all these beautiful engagement rings makes me want to get a new one! I was really young when I got married, and let’s just say that my taste has changed a little πŸ˜‰
Can’t wait to shoot your wedding you guys!! So excited to be a part of your big day!
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Once again, I am months behind in posting about this country engagement session! I think I’ve been taking this whole idea of “winters off” a little too literally πŸ˜‰ So huge apologies to Jodene & Caleb!! These two were hilarious. As you can see by this hilarious gif that I put together of them right after their engagement session. It’s fun shooting young kids, I’m not gonna lie. They’re so game to try anything, and have absolutely no doubts about whether or not their photos will turn out. Sure, you want us to crawl into the middle of that broken down old barn and make out? No problem! Good gravy, that makes me sound old… Just for the record, I’d have no problem crawling into an old barn with my hubby of TEN YEARS, and make out with him. As long as it was warm, and there were no bugs, and he brought a blanket and candles… ok ok, tmi. I know. Let’s stay on topic. The weather for their engagement session was absolutely PERFECT, and so was the location! Tall yellow grass, sun low in the sky, scenery for daysss, and a fun, colorful wardrobe. This all equates to me being a happy happy photographer. Hope you guys had as much fun as I did, and I can’t freaking WAIT til your wedding!!
I loved their idea of bringing chalk along, and doing some fun shots in a parking lot!
The scenery!! Right? And you guys are super adorbs too, I promise πŸ˜€
Love this shot <3
Love this old barn…
I always wonder why I wasn’t born with freckles… You are automatically my friend if you have freckles, since, OBVIOUSLY, I’m obsessed.
Check out this unique engagement ring!
I love that Caleb wanted to re-enact the spider man kiss that Kristine & Ezra perfected during their Minter Gardens Wedding!!
And this is not everyone’s cup of tea (unless maybe it is??), but this is my FAVE!!  ↓

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This engagement session was equal parts epic, freeeeezing cold, and ridonculous. I love these two!! super sweet, super easy to shoot, and just so easy to get along with! I shot Alicia’s brother, Jason, and his beautiful wife, Malin’s last year (and they just had a BEAUTIFUL baby girl!!), and got to meet these two at the wedding. Alicia and Jason are actually my cousins, but when you have a really big family, you just don’t see them all that much… Sad i know… So it was kinda like meeting them, again, for the first time. Super logical, I know πŸ˜‰
After taking all of December off, and also trying to keep my January as light as possible to concentrate on a beginner’s photography workshop that I put on with my photog bestie , I am DYING to get out shooting!!! And posting this engagement session, along with this GORGEOUS weather we’re currently experiencing, makes me even worse. Super stoked that I have an engagement session coming up this Saturday! My first shoot of 2014 – phew!!
I love this location. So so much. It suits my style perfectly – open fields, tall grass, mountains. Pretty sure if I could only shoot at one location for the rest of my career, I MIGHT just pick this one. Might. Don’t hold me to it… I’d definitely take a few days to make a heavy decision like that… Mind you, if I could dig a lake in the middle of it – BAM! done. And this spot also suits Alicia & Garret perfectly. So for THIS sesh? Easy decision πŸ˜‰ I’m kind of in love with these images, not gonna lie. Hope you like them too!!
Hello?! Β First couple of frames, and you look THIS good?? Β These two are born posers. Β Just sayin.
Looooove the frost on the leaves!!
And because y’all know I’m a sucker for awesome bokeh… Β (and if you didn’t, ya do now.)
Photographer FAVE!!  ↓
oh, just stop it.
seriously. Β stop it.
That LIGHT!!!
Can you see the frost on the grass?? Β As soon as we hit the shade it dropped about 17,000 degrees.
Another fave!! They fit right into that scene!!
This is where we live. Β *so blessed*
Oh heyyyyy
Kinda fun πŸ˜‰

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