This was a fun shoot for me – Elsie had a lot of fun ideas, and even brought along a friend’s living room chair!!  Her hubby didn’t seem as impressed as I was:)  They hadn’t had pics done since their wedding 2.5 years ago and decided it was long overdue.  I agree.  Personally I think everyone should have pics done every year.  Maybe even twice a year.  And of course, they should all call me.  Good idea no??  heehee.  Anyways, enjoy the pics!  And check out her hair!!!  She cut it short right after the shoot… Crazy woman.

  • Alyssa Trobacher

    oh I love these! great job jete!ReplyCancel

I’m quite sure this is one of my most favorite pics I’ve taken.  It’s so fun!!  What was even more fun was watching them try to shove 2 balloon bouquets (picture like, 16 balloons) into the back of his pick-up truck. :)  A huge congratulations to you guys on your engagement and I hope you have a fantastic wedding!

I love shooting maternity.  It’s such an awesome thing to experience as a couple and I always get all mushy cuz there is just something about having kids.  Of course, the pregnancy itself can be the pits, but so far I haven’t had any moody mothers to deal with.  The poor photographer that will have to take my next maternity pics… :)  Anyway, this chick was glowing.  You know how they say that right?  Oh, pregnancy just gives you that glow!  I didn’t experience the glow.  I experienced a waddle, I experienced having an emotional breakdown over spilt milk (they say that too – don’t cry over spilt milk) and I experienced ankles the size of tree trunks.  I am not a pretty expectant mother.  But this girl??  This girl was glowing.  This girl was beautiful.  And P.S., this girl had an ADORABLE baby. :)

This adorable peanut was a little spitfire for pictures!  She is the sweet baby girl (well, not a baby anymore!!) of a friend of mine, so I hung out with her little guy watching Diego and America’s Funniest Home Videos while she tried to feed Lexi and get her to fall asleep.  But you know how kids are, when you want them to stay awake, they crash, and when you want them to sleep they’re like, hey, let’s party!  So we had ourselves a little party 😉  We still got some adorable pics, just not as many as we had hoped for.  Meet Lexi!

Isn’t she adorable?!!  Love that peachy skin and those smooshy lips! :)

  • Anonymous

    Yup, she is utterly adorable! LOVE all the pics!!

After announcing this week’s theme, I kinda had to laugh. I probably should’ve said the theme was “me” rather than “you”. Cuz although I wanted to see pics of YOU guys, it was weird for people to upload photos of themselves and tag it “YOU”. Anyways, that probably only made sense in my head – don’t judge. I loved all of the photos this week!! So while I have 3 favorites, I also have 3 honorable mentions 😉
Marlies Korporal │ LOVE this shot!! how’s that for timing?!!
Mark Klaassen │ Perfect shot of daddy with his two kiddos – great angle on this one!
Angela Evelyn Photography │ Perfect light!!
And these three I just couldn’t resist!!
From left to right: Courtney Huthova │ Maia Oostenbrink │ Jodene Les
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