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If you’re an avid reader of the blog, you might already know that I offer beginner photography classes with my bestie, Charlene . We focus (no pun intended ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) on teaching basic photography skills like composition, perspective, angles, leading lines etc, and also get you started on shooting in manual mode. We’ve had some amazing classes, and it’s been great fun, but recently we started having a conversation about putting a course together specifically for more advanced photographers.

In this business, having strong photography skills is important, but it is secondary to having good business sense. Which is a crappy truth. I’ve seen wildly successful photographers with solid, but totally boring portfolios, and I’ve seen photographers with these mind-blowingly great portfolios, that struggle to book anything!! Some great photographers will become well known based solely on their unique creativity, but that doesn’t happen often. So, while we don’t consider ourselves the wikipedia of business skills for photographers, we have been through a few years of business, have made a lot of mistakes along the way, and would love to teach others what we’ve learned over time. So, the Advanced Workshop was born!


We recently held our first Advanced Workshop in Abbotsford, with 5 amazing girls. They are all at different places in their businesses, but were all motivated to learn as much as they could to bring their businesses to the next level. The first night was spent chatting about business licences, taxes, client care, blogging and SEO, and pricing profitably. Yep, it’s dry. But it’s IMPORTANT!! And quite honestly, hanging out with me and Char is never boring. Even when talking about taxes. ๐Ÿ˜‰ The 2nd night covered everything on the shooting and workflow side; posing, lighting, different ways of metering, culling the images, editing, backing up and delivery to the client. And then we finished off the workshop with an evening shoot to put all of our technical tips into practice! The shoot was a blast, and our models were awesome.

We’re hoping to hold our next round of workshops in October! Both Advanced and Beginner . If you’re interested in joining us for either class, feel free to subscribe to our newsletter to get links to early bird registration, before we open it up on our Facebook pages! The newsletter will also notify you when a new post hits the blog, and you may also get the odd photography tip sent to your inbox! Sign up now by clicking the “newsletter” bar on the left and enter your email. Badda bing badda boom. Let’s stay connected!

Here are some recent images and kind words from a couple of the ladies that took our course:
Stacie Lynn Photography
“I had a blast learning from these two amazing photographers! I was so lost when it came to the business side of things and am thankful to have it explained in a way that I could actually grasp. This workshop gave me the confidence to officially treat my business like a business and the knowledge behind me to back that up! Thank you!”

Angela Evelyn Photography
“I learned so much and had so much fun when I participated in the Focus Advanced Workshop! A lot of the ‘business’ side of things was super helpful – I find myself referring back to my material and notes frequently. One of the best techniques I learned helped me meter for the correct light and get my focus points perfect.”
newborn angelaevelynphotography

Owl & Lily Photography
“I learned a lot at this Focus Workshop! The business end of it was super helpful and the hands on shoot out was a great time! Jete and Charlene are super fun and easy going and such talents in their industry!

And since I gave them all of 3 hours notice, these two were not able to send me a recent photo. And since Marlies hasn’t started a FB page yet, I can’t link you to her work. But if she ever does, I’ll be sure to update this!

Patchwork Photographic I can sneak in a photo she took, because it’s one she took of me on a recent trip to Pender Island. And I freaking LOVE it.
11243153_10152855873207267_137405388_o (1)

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So, just in case you missed my first post about Hailey, and why you should book your prom photos for a sunny evening with good light, just click there, and you’ll find out why. Or you could just scroll down to see the images, and it’ll give you a pretty good idea ๐Ÿ˜‰ I loved that I got to photograph these two again!! This time, Haydn was able to get decked out too and hang out with Hailey for some formal photos.
Love you guys!!
prom-photos-in-chilliwackThomson Blog 3Thomson Blog 3aThomson Blog 4vancouver-prom-photographerThomson Blog 10Thomson Blog 10aThomson Blog 11

Another gorgeous girl in a gorgeous dress on her prom day! This post was obviously a long time coming, considering it’s almost August, but huge congrats Shelby!! I don’t usually shoot sessions during the day anymore, but this girl is family, so I had to make it happen ๐Ÿ˜‰ It was blisteringly hot, and we were all sweating buckets, but we had a beautiful location to play in! Thanks again Shelby, for asking me to take your photos – it was my pleasure!!
Bonner blog 1Bonner blog 4Bonner blog 5Bonner blog 6Bonner blog 7aBonner blog 9Bonner blog 10Bonner blog 11Bonner blog 12Bonner blog 13

Marty & Karin’s South African inspired wedding at the The Orchard Chilliwack was awesome. I knew after their engagement session at Crescent Beach last year, that their wedding was going to be great, but I didn’t know just how great. Turns out that when you are really really nice person, and you meet another really really nice person, and you decide to get married, you also have a bunch of really really nice friends that want to stand by your side on the day. And it would also make sense that your families are also full of really really nice people. Seriously. I keep thinking that one of these days I’m going to have to work with a crazy person, but it just never happens!
Marty & Karin got married on a gorgeous, albeit windy, day in Chilliwack. They started the day getting ready at their parent’s homes. When I walked in, I wasn’t even sure I had the right house! It was so calm, so quiet, so peaceful. Girls were strolling around, drinking coffee, and Karin was as chill as could be. I think the story might have been a little different at Marty’s house, now that I’ve gotten to know his sisters a little ๐Ÿ˜‰ But still, one of the calmest, most laidback couples I’ve ever met. They saw eachother for the first time when Karin was walked down the aisle by her dad at the ceremony. They professed their commitment to eachother before God and their friends and family in a beautiful church with light streaming in through the side windows.
Following the service, both families met at Marty’s parent’s home for lunch, after which we headed off to Vedder for some photos with the bridal party. It was hot and sticky, but these guys suffered through with no compaints. Even while Kerensa and I were giving some special attention to just the bride and groom, the guys made a game of baseball in the grass with a big stick and a rock. I feared for my life a couple of times, but I survived. After photos, we made our way to The Orchard, which was the perfect outdoor location for this couple to finish the day. It was set up so beautifully with hanging lights, succulents, and windmills. Dinner by Culinary Touch Catering was amazing!! They did some pork loin or something on the bbq, and it was ridiculous. I could’ve eaten it cold for breakfast the next day. The evening was rounded out with some hilarious and emotional speeches, and an awesome skit celebrating Marty’s work as an electrician.
chilliwack corn maze wedding
wedding at chilliwack corn maze
wedding at the orchard chilliwack

Full list of vendors involved in Marty & Karin’s day:
2nd Photographer: Kerensa Leigh Photography
Ceremony Venue: Carman United Church
Reception Venue: The Orchard
Hair Stylist and MUA: The Strand Stand
Caterer: Culinary Touch Catering
Florist: Quik’s Farm Floral Shop
Cake: Benanna Bakery

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Where to even start. Oh wait, I know where. That moment when I walked into the hotel room, hung out and got to know everyone a bit, and then started to take some photos of Alysha while she was making a last minute list of family photo configurations. She stopped writing, and got perfectly still. I asked her what was wrong, to which she replied something like, “I hate pictures.” Folks, THAT is a perfect start to the day. hahah!! Don’t worry, she got over it. And you would never guess she has this phobia – the camera freaking LOVES her!!!
We had such a great day. It was sunny and hot, and these two are laidback, and totally adorable together! This was my first time shooting a Redwoods Golf Course wedding, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. The staff there are amazing! They made sure everyone was where they should be at all times, helped with little things like boutonnieres, and treated Kerensa and I like queens! Annnnd, Alysha & Nathan got to enter their reception in a tricked out golf cart! SO FUN. You guys, thank you so much for having me shoot your day!!
They had written letters to eachother which they read before the ceremony, without actually seeing eachother. EMOTIONS people. GAH.
LOVE THIS!! The groom surprised the bride with a drumline in the middle of the reception! These guys are GOOD.
Wiens Blog 27Wiens Blog 28
Wiens Blog 29
Wiens Blog 30

Full list of vendors involved in Nathan & Alysha’s day:
2nd Photographer: Kerensa Leigh Photography
Venue: Redwoods Golf Course
Planner: Meghan with Redwoods Golf Course
Hair Stylist & MUA: Wedded Bliss
Caterer: Redwoods Golf Course
Cake/Cupcakes: Kick Ass Cakes
DJ: Craig Robinson

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