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This 2 week old little guy was positively delicious.  And I loved meeting his parents as well – you guys were awesome!  🙂  I’m always pretty nervous going into a newborn shoot, since as most of you know, newborns can have their own agenda.  They can be on a complete schedule, so we book a time for when the baby is usually sleeping, and then I walk in the door, and it’s like, hello!!  Playtime!!  But he did so good, awake or asleep – such a sweet temperament.  So thanks again for having me L & J!!

  • Carmen

    Jete, these are absolutely beautiful!ReplyCancel

  • sharilyn

    Yum!!! But still totally done 😉ReplyCancel

  • Jenn

    I love these pics, Jete, especially the third one down on the right 🙂 so preciousReplyCancel

  • Anonymous

    How can this be anything but God's wonderful creation??

    …and Jetey, you have some awesoem God-given talent…

    Love Momsie PoesieReplyCancel

  • Anonymous

    great pics Jete!

    Love RachelReplyCancel

So, once again, it’s been a loooong while since I’ve updated the blog…  I would apologize, but who really cares right?  🙂
These 2 beautiful girls are from my church, and they both graduated recently.  We went out for an evening to a gorgeous location and had some fun!  They were up for anything – we got eaten alive by mosquitos, got dirty, and walked through stinging nettles.  But they smiled through it all!!

Having some fun with warm evening sun
Love the bokeh in this one.  And the model ain’t so bad either… 🙂
Having a close friend is such a blessing!
You girls are a wonderful testimony of God’s grace!  I love you!!
  • Carmen

    These are so cute! LOVE the red truck.ReplyCancel

  • Rachel

    jete, you're awesome! i had way too much fun doing this with you and beth and you're such an amazing photographer!!! love you <3 ps. one of your pics is made famous on my blog 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Beth

    ditto Rachel! thanks so much Jete for everything! we love the photos and I can't wait to see them printed! <3ReplyCancel

It is nearly impossible to get a good picture of Blake.  I mean, he’s stinkin’ adorable, but let’s face it, the kid is plain ole not photogenic.  So in the last 6 months, trying to get a picture of both boys together has been a study in hilarity.  Blake has not been happy with me lately, as I rather frequently plunk his baby brother in his personal space, and jump up and down acting like a complete sideshow trying to get both of them to look.  But today, a little bit of mommy magic happened.  I know these pictures are not “technically” perfect, but by golly, they are emotionally perfect.

and my little peanut, trying to be a big boy…

  • Andrea DV

    be still my heart!!!!!! jete, these photos are perfect. <3ReplyCancel

  • Kristy K


  • Anonymous

    I have Oma tears!! Glad you finally did it. What sweethearts, I really want some of these for my "brag book"!!!

    Love ya.
    Momsie PoesieReplyCancel

  • Elena

    LOVE these!!! especially the 2nd one!

  • Anonymous

    I say good work momma!! I LOVE, LOVE the first one!!!

    Andrea T.ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous

    Cute little boys, Jete! Blakes age is a crazy age for sitting still! Goodluck on doing our family pics =)


  • Anonymous

    Wow Jete, they are awesome. And Parker is sitting on his own!! I love them!! Love LauraReplyCancel

  • Anonymous

    These are fantastic!!! I Esp. LOVE the first one!!!

    Carolynn AReplyCancel

  • Justk

    emotionally perfect is what you want!!!!!! Who cares about all the technicalities of it these are perfect to a T……I love the ones of them together…great great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ReplyCancel

Jack asked me a while ago if I’d be interested in 2nd shooting a wedding for him.  My first reaction was to say, no way, I’m not ready, you’re crazy for asking!  But I decided to push myself, because how in the world am I going to learn, if I never set myself up to fail?  So here are some images from that day.  I know I still have a long way to go, but I had so much fun, and can’t wait for my next one!!  A HUGE thanks to Katie and Bill for letting me be a part of their special day!

The groomsmen at war with their boutonnieres  🙂
Bill seeing his bride for the first time…
Arriving at the ceremony in Minter Gardens
Vows │ Rings │ You may kiss the bride!
Thanks for looking!
  • Anonymous

    Great pics Jete!

  • rachel

    way to go!!! love them:) especially the detail shotsReplyCancel

  • Anonymous

    The're beautifull! Especially the first two, they look kind of vintage!! Like those old franch photo's.. X LauraReplyCancel

  • Anonymous

    i mean french… 😛ReplyCancel

  • Jete

    Thanks guys! I love that vintage processing too, Laura, but I don't think they would have been impressed if they got all their pics done like that… 🙂ReplyCancel

I had the priviledge of taking 40th anniversary pics for my fabulous, slightly eccentric, aunt and uncle recently.  I think eccentricity is a given in this family…
40 years of marriage is so awesome!   I love it how they still looked at eachother with a twinkle in their eyes and their playful jabs back and forth had me laughing a good part of the time.  Thanks for a wonderful evening, and I’m raising my glass in a toast to you two.  Happy Anniversary!

  • Anonymous

    Ah yes, they're the best…love them both!!


  • Anonymous

    Think I happen to know those two. . . what d'u mean by "eccentric"?!!!! Luv u too!ReplyCancel

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