We all have stories. Stories that began when we were born, but evolved and changed and became more meaningful as we got older. Stories that molded us and turned us into the people we are today. Some people have really tough stories. The ones that make you cry the ugly cry, and wish that there was something you could do to take the pain away. Others have stories of accomplishment; of rising above what could have been their story, and turning it into something beautiful. But we all have them, and they should all be told. Maybe not to everybody, but to someone. Someone that hears us and knows who we are. Someone who can hold us up during our dark times and be there when the going gets ugly.
For these two beautiful people, that someone is eachother. They’ve gone through a lot in their marriage – Jennifer leaving her family to live here in Canadaland, and recently, a summer’s worth of trauma for Jennifer who ended up with appendicitis and 6 weeks of hospital living and 3 surgeries. Um, if that isn’t a tough story… So they wanted to celebrate. Celebrate this relationship that was tried by fire, and which survived through hard work and strong commitment. Friends, THIS is what marriage is about.
Jennifer & John, I’m so grateful to have met you both. I can only imagine what God has in store for you both in the coming years, but I’m pretty sure he’s going to use you both in wonderful ways. So thankful you chose me to document this anniversary for you both and at one of the most beautiful locations in the world: Jones Lake.
Jones Lake Chilliwack
RIGHT??!!!!!! Fasten your seatbelts and feast your eyes, people. It’s a gooder.
chilliwack anniversary photographer
New Pinkerton 8
New Pinkerton 9a
And then this happened. And once again, it wasn’t my idea!! John definitely needed some convincing, but it was so hilarious once he went in. And he made Jennifer pay 😀
New Pinkerton 12
New Pinkerton 13
New Pinkerton 14

GAH!! I love these two, I love their families, I love their friends!! James & Lissa were guests at a few weddings I have shot over the last couple of years, and they were always a riot. So when they got engaged, and Lissa called me to let me know, I was so excited!!! We had such a beautiful day, despite getting “mosquitoed” out of our first location :/ But Rowena’s never disappoints. So many unique and beautiful locations. And Lissa had a very elegant and formal theme to the wedding, so the old inn and the pillars were a perfect backdrop for her wedding photos.
James & Lissa have pretty different personalities. They actually remind me a lot of me and my hubs. Lissa is all in, grab life by the horns, go get ’em type of personality, while James is quieter, more analytical and keeps Lissa in line. It’s a good mix!! They met in high school; and while they had different groups of friends, Lissa couldn’t stop thinking about “that guy”. She finally had an opportunity to get to know him a little at a mutual friend’s birthday party, and the rest, friends, is history!!
Lissa & James, thank you again for bringing me along on your greatest adventure.

SRSLY. If I could shoot weddings, engagements, and proms for the rest of my life, I’d be the happiest photographer in the world. But my FAVE is when I can shoot prom photos at sunset. Y’know, not on the actual day of prom. A glorious sunlit evening, at the perfect location… sighhhh. It’s not ideal, since you may want to have your hair and makeup done for your photos, and this would require you to have to pay for them twice, but I promise it’s worth it!!
So Hailey is awesome, because she decided to go for it. I don’t like taking a lot of daytime sessions, since I’ve got two little men at home, so prom sessions don’t happen for me often. So this was super awesome for me!! I met Hailey and her boyfriend Hadyn at Island 22, and we spent a couple of hours roaming the park, getting a mix of casual and prom photos. Hailey is stunning, and such a gem of a person!! We laughed a LOT 😉 Thank you so much Hailey and Haydn, it was awesome to meet you guys!

May I present Mr & Mrs Moore
Tamara totally reminded me of when I was planning our wedding. My mom ended up hiring me a planner, because I was so chill about the whole process, and nothing was getting done! I think Tamara kicked my butt in the “being proactive” department, but she was just as chill. Her focus was on the fact that she was marrying the love of her life, and the other stuff took a backseat. This resulted in such a laidback, awesome wedding day!! I love how the day played out. We hung out for a bit while everyone got hair and makeup done, and then headed off to the ceremony. Following the ceremony, me and my wonderful 2nd shooter, Kerensa, had the opportunity to hang out with just the bride and groom at a gorgeous property! I loved this. It was chill, and less awkward for Luke and Tamara since noone was standing around watching the goings on. And the colors matched the wedding colors perfectly!! Following this little session we headed back to Tamara’s parents place for lunch and family photos, after sneaking in a few additional photos in the hayloft!!, and then left with the bridal party for more photos. We were able to use a private property in Yarrow for some photos, which was a gorgeous spot, and then did a few more at the new Browne Creek Wetlands before heading to the reception at Ramada Abbotsford. It was such an awesome day. Luke & Tamara, thank you so much for making me feel at home, and for being totally rad on your wedding day!!

It makes me feel really old when my nephews and nieces start graduating. I feel like I just graduated and got married myself!! But it’s super exciting, and brings back all those feelings of graduation day. I’m so happy when I’m available and can grab some photos for them to remember that day. This is my freakishly tall and good looking nephew, Tyler, and his freakishly good looking and not as tall girlfriend Rachel. They are absolutely adorable on the outside, but don’t let those good looks fool you. They’re both as smart as they are cute. Huge congrats you guys, and I’m glad I could hang out with you for a couple of hours!

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