The Madness Behind the Magic

My name is Jete (pronounced like Pete). Well, not really. My mother dubbed me Jenita when I was born, and I’m not sure when it happened, but somewhere along the way, someone started calling me Jete, and it just stuck. So that’s how I introduce myself.

I’m disorganized (definitely working on that), verbal (definitely not working on that), a little bit politically incorrect (it can be fun sometimes) and I like to think I’m pretty rad to hang out with. And maybe not super humble (maybe working on that). I can pretty much guarantee that you will have fun on your wedding day with me around. Unless your personality sucks, in which case I really can’t make any promises.

silk_About CollageME

I’m married to Erik (he’s also rad, not quite as verbal, even more disorganized, and much more humble) and have 2 kids; Blake & Parker. Life is crazy and hectic, and my house is in a pretty much constant state of upheaval, but it’s GOOD. Just really really GOOD.

I kinda stumbled into wedding photography, and decided it’s pretty much the best career path ever, and since I don’t do anything halfway, I’m aiming to ensure your entire wedding photography experience is amazingly awesome from start to finish. I have big dreams, and I’m working hard at chasing them. I’m constantly learning and growing to be able to provide you with images from your wedding that will take your right back to specific moments during your day – the sights, the sounds, the people – and hopefully make you cry. Even 10 years later. Cuz I’m prreettty sure if you cry, then I did a bang-up job for you. Win win.

Can’t wait to meet you and hear your story!!

All of our lovely family photos were shot by my bff and partner in crime, Charlene Stam Photography

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