A Countrified Greek Goddess │ Allison’s Prom

Allison, you looked absolutely STUNNING for your prom! I totally think of a greek goddess when I see that pale gold dress being twirled, and you with those gorgeous chestnut tresses… Such a beauty! And hilarious – you think a girl in a dress like this, and awesome purple heels would be a little leery of running around a farm for photos – but not this one! Lay in the grass? Sure! Lean against a tree? Why not? I couldn’t let her out-tomboy me, so I slipped off my gold flipflops, rolled up my pants, and ventured into that ice cold creek… Resulting in one of my favorite pics of ALL TIME!! CHECK IT OUT!!  ↓↓↓  Best of luck in your future endeavors, my friend!  I know that whatever you do, you will do with passion, and humor, and humility.  xoxo








Bahaha, this one rocks my socks. Poor Allison is the only girl in this family – I pity whichever guy has to come courting!! And the outtakes of this shot are pretty hilarious too 😉

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