Backyard rustic wedding │ Laura & Daniel

I’m really good friends with Larissa, who is also a photographer, who is really good friends with Laura, the bride! Which was really awesome for me, because Larissa was asked to be a bridesmaid, which meant she couldn’t also be a photographer, which meant that she told the bride about this awesome friend that she has, who is also a photographer! BAHAHA. Not even sure I follow that train of thought. But in summation, I was asked to shoot the wedding of this ridiculously sweet, kinda crazy couple who have an equally sweet and equally crazy group of friends! Just to put that into perspective, Mitch, one of the groomsmen, introduced himself by saying, “Hi, I’m Mitch” as he shook my hand, and then continued by stating “I’m a hugger”, which resulted in him giving me a hug, lifting me off my feet and twirling me in a circle. Which actually didn’t phase me at all, because that’s totally how I roll. Nice to meetcha Mitch. Any other tricks up your sleeve? And as it turns out, Kerensa (hooray for another opportunity to shoot with her!!) received the same treatment! And I actually have pics from her camera of the groomsmen CARRYING her while another groomsmen took a bunch of pictures! It was THAT kind of a day 😉 TONS of fun, TONS of laughs, and I think I may have even snorted a time or two. I can’t believe I get paid for this…
The day started at Larissa’s house, where the girls had their makeup done by the fantastic Chantelle Arends. I am in LOVE with Laura’s dress (check out the back!!) and love how all the bridesmaid’s dresses are unique and different, and yet coordinate so well. And the FLORALS??! Ahhhhh, so beautiful!! Another amazing job by Quik Pik!!
Laura, you are so beautiful.  And your dress??  Oh ma word.
Kerensa hung out with all the guys and got a few shots of them getting ready. The ceremony and reception were both being held in the backyard at the groom’s parents place and it was set up so beautifully. Plus, the weather was amazing!!
After the ceremony we did a bunch of family photos on the property and then headed to an amazing location, sourced by Larissa. Did I mention it’s really handy to have another photographer in the wedding party?? I would like to point out how difficult it was to get any “normal” photos of this bridal party!! Kerensa, fist bump, pretty sure we did a good job 😉 We have TONS of crazy stuff, but we also got some amazing, classic shots of this awesome group of people.
They actually could pass for being gentlemen here couldn’t they?
I have NO idea what’s happening in this picture.  Like, none.
GA GA Gorgeous!!!
Um, wow.  I have no words.  Thankfully Kerensa was dealing with them at this point 😉
I think we both could have shot there allll day, but there was a party waiting, so we headed off to the reception! We had another DELISH dinner and dessert catered by Cookies Grill . The reception was infused with laughter, stories, slideshows and dancing, which sadly, we missed 🙁 I’m sure you guys had an amazing evening, and we were so excited to be a part of your day. Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness and hilarity!!

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  • Beautiful portraits, gorgeous details and that bouquet is amazing. This is simply wonderful wedding imagery.ReplyCancel

  • Ahhh cowboy boots!!! I am such a sucker for a girl in them 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Love them all, but that photo with the boots and earrings surprised me. Nice work!ReplyCancel

  • I love how you told their story and displayed all the details! Beautiful 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Devan Jonk

    Ahhh soo nice! I am by no means surprised by the shirtless photo, in fact I’m sure is was my boyfriend (Cam) who thought of the idea! 🙂 Great photos, such a wonderful day it was!ReplyCancel

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    It looks wonderful Jete! Oddly enough, Chantelle is my cousin on my mom’s side. Chilliwack is such a small place!ReplyCancel

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  • How fun! – the first time I have seen a groom in jeans and I love it! – that bouquet is amazing! – great job!ReplyCancel

  • Love the bridesmaid dresses! The guys are hilarious! That last one is my favorite! Gorgeous!ReplyCancel

  • Sarah

    Hi I’m just wondering if you have sept 19 available for a wedding ?ReplyCancel

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