Best Engagement Shoot Locations in Chilliwack

Are you recently sporting some shiny new bling on your left hand?  Have you been spending sleepless nights trying to figure out which family members to seat at the same table as your crazy cousin Billy who nobody likes?  Maybe you’ve been driving from one end of the lower mainland to the other, sampling countless versions of duck confit that you can’t afford to serve at your upcoming wedding?  (here’s a tip – forget the duck, and do a Tacofino Food Truck instead :P)

If any of those things sound like you, I’m going to go out on a limb and make a craaaazy assumption that you got engaged!! WOOP! And now you have a bajillion decisions to make, all on a budget, and now you’re stressed. Take my advice, and take a breather. Find a photographer that suits your style AND your personality, and book an engagement session. Just take a time out, and spend an afternoon or evening together, exploring your area and taking a bunch of fun photos at the same time. Your photographer should be able to make some suggestions for your local area, buts here are some of my fave engagement shoot locations in Chilliwack and surrounding areas!


Jones is this unbelievably gorgeous lake surrounded by absolutely stunning mountain peaks about an hour’s drive from Chilliwack (depending on your vehicle, and comfort level driving FSR – we’ve done it in 30 😉 )  Find a whole blog post here.


Cultus Lake

Cultus is an iconic piece of Chilliwack, and it looks amazing in every single season.  It also has the most gorgeous light!!  Find a whole blog post here .

Various Mountaintops

You may need a 4×4 to access these kinds of spots, but they are usually VERY worth the effort!!


Various Waterfalls

These usually involve a bit of a walk or a hike, but just like the mountaintops, are always worth the effort!! 

The Alexandria Bridge

This one is a bit out of the way – approx an hour from Chilliwack.  But it’s a super unique spot, and super fun to explore!


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