My last wedding of the 2014 season, and I could not have asked for a better day!!!! An amazing venue, ridiculously talented and oh so sassy event planners, stunning florals, crazy views, and 2 crazy wonderful people to spend it with.
Let it be known, Janine is a hardcore planner and an avid list-maker. I’m pretty sure if i went back and counted, we probably have no less than a hundred emails back and forth since last fall. well, that might be a slight exaggeration… But only slight. 😀 I always loved the random stuff she sent me; funny spoofs about images that she definitely didn’t want, the ups and downs of the planning process, and the excitement as the day grew closer. I’m quite sure all of her wedding day dreams came true on Saturday. It was absolutely perfect, right down to the weather.
We had been watching the weather all week. Monday it looked pretty decent, mostly cloudy, but no rain. As Wednesday drew near, it started to look a little worse – 60% chance of showers. We talked about umbrellas and locations for family photos. Friday it poured BUCKETS. And then Saturday?? Saturday dawned cold and foggy, but by noon was mostly sunny and totally hot and gorgeous. HOORAY!!!
Janine and Cody both got ready at the Fraser River Lodge . Well, Cody got ready as soon as they decided to show up… Which I think might have been about 20 minutes before the ceremony began 😉

Janine’s something borrowed – her grandmother’s ring.  So sad that she couldn’t be there to celebrate with Janine & Cody on their special day.


Her stompin boots and her gorgeous hairpiece!



And this sweet little love who gave us so much entertainment throughout the day!!  <3



Cody, ya done good with your gift 😉


And ladies, never rub your eyes during a cry.   Dab, or wave things so you don’t mess up your makeup.  Pretty sure this might be my favorite shot of the entire year!!



I had the pleasure of working with Stacie Lynn Photography who is not only an absolute gem, but ridiculously talented!  She had my back all day, and also got to hang out with Cody while he was getting ready.




Janine’s gift to her soon-to-be-hubby.  Someone got spoiled!!


Once everyone looked their best, we headed outdoors for the ceremony.  This is one of the most beautiful locations in the Fraser Valley for a wedding.  Right on the banks of the Fraser River, and nestled between the mountains.  Just stunning.











Immediately following the ceremony, we did family photos on the property, and then hung out for a while with the bridal party!


STOP IT.  So much cuteness.



And of course, once the tractor came out, the boys had to get their redneck on.


So the girls decided to class things up a little.


Seriously Janine.  Freaking gorgeous.





We made use of the orchard nearby for some intimate portraits, and then headed back to the lodge for the reception!


Swoooooon.  The combination of all of these stunning vintage pieces from Past Pieces , Spruce Collective & Absolute Events  and beautiful floral design by Westgate Flower Garden is mindblowing!!! Oh, and we can’t forget the designers behind it all, dun dun dun, Tiffany & Lindsay from In Check Events , who were there all day behind the scenes, orchestrating everything, and making sure the day kept spinning like a top.  The reception was a blast – so many great and emotional speeches, delicious food, an awesome slideshow by Leah, Janine’s sister, and a rockin dance party.  Stacie and I had an amazing day, and we’re pretty sure Janine & Cody did too!!  Thank you thank you thank you for being awesome!!!











Full list of vendors involved in Janine & Cody’s Day:

Venue:Fraser River Lodge
Event Planner: In Check Events
Vintage Rentals: Past Pieces , Spruce Collective & Absolute Events
Florals: Westgate Flower Garden
DJ: Absolute DJ
Hair Stylist: Positive Eyedentities
Makeup Artist: Positive Eyedentities
Bride’s Dress: Champagne & Lace
Boy’s Duds: Moore’s Clothing
Photography: Urban Fig Photography


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Annalies is from Alberta, Brad is from BC. They met on a trip to Israel. I mean SERIOUSLY?? How amazing is that?? I got an email from Annalies a few days ago, asking if I was available for engagement photos this weekend, because Brad is off to Australia for work, and Annalies is off to Madagascar to work on the Mercy Ships, and they won’t be seeing eachother until December!! I can’t hide the fact that I’m insanely jealous of all the travelling these two are doing 😀 I’m so thankful I was available, and that we had amazing weather and a stunning location to celebrate the beginning of their forever story!!
Harrison Mills Engagement Session

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Breanna was referred to me by Kristy Klaassen , who has been their family photographer for years, but decided recently to no longer offer weddings. I had a great initial meeting with Breanna & Greg – lots of laughs, and we had lots in common! And when she mentioned that she would like to include her horses in their engagement session, I fell hopelessly in love. haha! I was an avid horse lover growing up, and I don’t think it’s ever totally disappeared. But man oh man, did these two equine friends give us a run for our money last week!! But we had a lot of fun roaming around the family farm until the sun went down. I love that they incorporated their hobbies into their session – the horses and some guns 😉 Fun times!! And I can’t wait for the wedding next year!!

  • Thanks for the shout-out Jete! 😀
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Larissa is my muse. She is SO stinking easy to shoot, and being a photographer, understands posing and working the camera. AND, since she’s out and about quadding and exploring all the time, she’s also got this amazing list of stunning locations hidden up her sleeve. This hillside on one of our local mountains was so epically perfect!! So, really, I could just shoot her every day for the rest of my life and be pretty dang happy. Ritchie was mad that we made him miss volleyball for this shoot, but whatevs. I mean, you can volleyball all the time right? It’s not like you have every opportunity to frolic in a meadow bathed in gorgeous orange, glowing light with your pregnant wife. And me. Right??! But enough of that. Words can’t even describe how excited I am for this little peanut to make his or her appearance. And GUESS WHAT?! I’m hoping to be there with these two as they welcome their first baby into this world!! Words can’t even describe what it feels like to be asked to be there for them. I had the opportunity to shoot some photos for Larissa’s older sister, Carina, when baby Gavin was born and even tho I literally showed up with 5 minutes to spare, it was such an amazing thing to be a part of. I’m hoping I have a little more time to spend with Larissa & Ritchie!

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Another gorgeous late summer engagement session with another adorable couple!! I’m not even finished shooting this year, and I’m already so pumped for the couple’s and families i get to work with next year!! These two are super sweet. Super super sweet. And so laid back. We didn’t decide on a location until the day before. #cuzthatshowweroll. Tamara mentioned this adorable little church close to where she lives, and I thought it was a great idea! They took their sweet pup, Milo, with them for this part of the session, and he did so good!!1
Once we had explored our options at the church, Luke drove their furbaby home, and Tamara did outdoor “quickchange” 😉 Then we headed over to the Blue Heron Reserve for the rest of their session! I love shooting here. The light is delish, and there are so many spots that look fantastic for photos!

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