So this happens to be one of the highlights of my career so far. Nils & Kristina were married this summer at the Fraser River Lodge, and they had opted in for the helicopter ride for mountaintop wedding photos. Unfortunately, the valley was completely smocked in with smoke that weekend due to the raging wildfires our province was dealing with. So they had to cancel the helicopter. HOWEVER. A few weeks later, in September, Kristie called me one gorgeous morning, and asked if I was still interested and available to shoot their helicopter photos. THAT DAY. Well, as you can imagine, that didn’t take much thought ๐Ÿ˜€ We took off that afternoon with Valley Helicopters and spent an hour exploring the incredible views that Welles Peak has to offer. Forever grateful to you two for bringing me along on this amazing adventure, and allowing me to cross another wish off my bucket list!!! So I’ve decided to start offering these sessions for any reason, really. I mean, there are so many things in life we should be celebrating! You got a haircut? Let’s do a helicopter photo shoot! You lost 0.6lbs this week? Let’s book a helicopter photo shoot! Your kid crapped his pants at school today? Let’s build him up and encourage him by booking a helicopter photo shoot! You get the idea? Contact me to book your celebration today!!
So if someone was to gift you a helicopter shoot, what would your “celebration excuse” be? Don’t be afraid to be as creative as you like ๐Ÿ˜€

Wedding Couple at Alpine Lookout in Manning Park
It has been far too long since I’ve blogged. Google is punishing me, which is well-deserved, so I figure I had better get back at it. I kept waiting for life to slow down. Y’know, like usually in September when busy season is over and the kids go back to school? Yeaaaah, that didn’t happen… Instead I had an almost 1 year old getting into everything and 4 weddings in 7 days :O This was one of them. I have been dying to shoot at Manning Park ever since seconding for my girl, Charlene, a year or 2 ago, and completely falling head over heels in love with the place. There’s something so incredibly magical about this area!! Obviously it has breathtaking views, but it also has this sense of quiet and serenity, and the sun is just always better at Manning ๐Ÿ˜‰ I also had one of the best couples ever for my first time here, so it all added up to be a perfect day!!
Bride getting ready for wedding in cabin at manning ParkFirst Look between bride and groom at Alpine Lookout in Manning ParkManning Park wedding photosWedding Ceremony at Lightning Lake in Manning ParkWedding Ceremony at Lightning Lake in Manning ParkManning Park wedding photosManning Park wedding photos
Leave a comment below and tell me what your favourite photo is! I’m always curious to know how many people love the same one/s I do ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Erin & Kyle had known eachother since kindergarten. They grew up in a small town, where everyone pretty much knows everyone else. And yet, they didn’t start dating until the day before graduation! And the rest, as they say, is history.
Erin had moved from Smithers to Abbotsford for a few months a couple years ago to take some courses. During that time, Charlene and I had hosted a Focus Workshop, which Erin took, and which is how we met! So when Kyle finally popped the question on a starry night out in the bush, Erin got in touch to see if I would be willing to travel to Houston for the wedding! I was super pumped, as I love shooting in new places!!

So last Thursday, I drove to YVR, and hopped on a prop plane for the 1 hour flight to Prince George. From there, I rented a car, and drove through the mountains for a few hours with a really good playlist, and no other responsibilities. There’s something so peaceful about having no kids to take care of! No diaper changes, no owies to kiss, no feelings to figure out. Just my thoughts, the road, and some kickass 80’s tunes. yeah, I’m getting old. So sue me.

I arrived in Houston around 6, and headed up to the farm where the reception was being set up. These guys were so calm. It was almost eerie ๐Ÿ˜€ Everyone was just chatting, placing wood rounds, candles, and twinkle lights, eating sushi, and enjoying themselves. There was no stress, no tantrums, no tears. I hung out for a bit, got to know Erin’s family a bit (but not by name, of course. You know me better than that) and then headed back down the mountain for a good night’s sleep.

The morning of the wedding was cold and wet. Like, really wet. But being a true #pnwgirl, I had packed my gumboots ๐Ÿ˜‰ The day went pretty much the same as the night before. Everyone was so chill, and really living the moment. It was so wonderful!! We had such an awesome day, screaming through the back roads of Houston in an old beat up motorhome, tunes cranked. Guys, I absolutely loved being there for you both while you made your lifelong commitment to eachother. I came as a photographer and left as a friend. And to me, that’s perfection.
Meints Wedding 1
Meints Wedding 2
Meints Wedding 3
Meints Wedding 4
Meints Wedding 5

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I’m pretty sure these two planned the most laidback, country wedding I’ve ever photographed. The ceremony took place in their field, with gorgeous views of the mountains as their backdrop, and the reception was in the barn on the property. Their details were rustic and colourful, and the whole day felt like an extension of them and their personalities. What made this location even more special, is that Monique’s parents actually bought this farm from Richard’s grandparents, and that’s also how these two learned of eachother’s existence! They didn’t see much of eachother through school, but at a housewarming party Monique was attending, Richard showed up, and Monique was like “Man, has he grown up!” and her 2nd thought, “I really like his beard”. haha! Facial hair, ftw ๐Ÿ˜‰ That was the beginning of their story, and obviously it all went uphill from there!Simpson 1Simpson 2Simpson 3Simpson 4Simpson 5Simpson 6Simpson 7

This was my first time shooting at the Vancouver Club, and it was stinking DELICIOUS. How can a location be delicious, you ask? Well, i can’t really answer that in any sensical manner, but it was. Just take my word for it. And so were Matt & Vanessa. DEEEE-LICIOUS. Shooting downtown was such a fun change of pace for me, and really made me concentrate more on architecture, angles, and lines, as opposed to the forests and mountains that I’m used to!
These two met at the Blarney Stone at a birthday party for mutual friends, and hit it off immediately. After a night of chatting, laughing and even sharing their first dance, they both became excited about the prospect of having eachother in their lives for the long haul! They compliment eachother so well! Vanessa, sweet like candy (Matt’s words), and Matt, charming and loyal (Vanessa’s words). The thing is, I could have described them the same way after meeting them at their Queen E Park engagement! They are both an open book, and so legitimately interested in other people’s lives and wellbeing. Love you guys!!
fall-wedding-at-the-vancouver-clubcreative-vancouver-wedding-photographerwedding-at-the-vancouver-clubvancouver-wedding-photographerThe-vancouver-club-weddingCritchley 6wedding-reception-at-the-vancouver-clubdancing-during-reception-at-the-vancouver-club

Vendors involved in Matt & Vanessa’s big day:
2nd photographer: Kerensa Leigh Photography
Ceremony Venue: The Vancouver Club
Reception Venue: The Vancouver Club
Hair Stylists: Blo Blow Dry Bar
MUA: Brittni Dominelli Makeup Artistry
Florist: Sunflower Florist
Cake: Anna Elizabeth Cakes
DJ: DJ Emilita

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