GAHHH! I freaking loved hanging out with these two for their engagement session, and can’t wait until their wedding! They had me in stitches the whole evening! Besides the mosquitoes, this session was gold. The couple, the location, the conversation, and the LIGHT. oh, that light. Swoon.
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Hellooooo Gorgeous!
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I love this ring style. This is what I would choose if I had to pick again!
schuetz blog 10

Another scorcher!! Phil & Evalynn’s wedding day was cloudless and humid, but SO. MUCH. FUN. My cheeks already hurt about 30 minutes into portraits! The ceremony took place at Evalynn’s parents, in the backyard. What a perfect place for a small garden ceremony! They had this amazing garden with a waterfall and stream, and even a bridge. The ceremony itself was in a separate part of the yard. They used hay bales covered in burlap for seating, wine barrels, gorgeous sunflower bouquets, and even a turquoise piano for decor!
After the ceremony we headed off to the Popkum Fire Department for some photos, where Phil is stationed. This was hysterical. We got some fantastic images (the one where they are kissing inside the fire truck is my fave!), but we also got some crazyyyy ones. Definitely saw some firsts this day 😉 We visiting a couple other locations for portraits (um, hay bales anyone?? Fave shot EVER) and then headed off to Tim Hortons to cool down, wipe the sweat and reward ourselves with Iced Capps.
They finished the day at The Orchard which was decorated to a tee, and enjoyed great food and lots of fun games and speeches with their closest family and friends.
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Vendors involved in Phil & Evalynn’s day:
2nd photographer: Kerensa Leigh Photography
3rd photographer: Kristy Klaassen Photography
Videographer: Theta Studios
Officiant: Bob Maryniuk
Reception Venue: The Orchard
Catering: Lori’s Catering
Florist: Eline Pannekoek
Hair Stylist: Liz Denbok

koressel blog 1
The “Y” in Cheryl stands for YAHOO!! That is one thing I remember from Chris & Cheryl’s Burnaby Mountain wedding, and it rings so true. From the first moment I met Cheryl, at a Starbucks in Abbotsford, I knew we’d be a good fit. She’s a “grab life by the horns” kinda girl, super laidback, drama-free and adventurous. And Chris is the same. Even though their wedding day was SCORCHINGLY hot, and it occurred under the blazing afternoon sun in a mountain-top rose garden, they kept their cool. They didn’t let the heat get to them, but enjoyed their day in true Chris & Cheryl fashion. It was so fun hanging out with them and their hilarious wedding party!!
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Full list of vendors involved in Chris & Cheryl’s day:
2nd photographer: Kerensa Leigh Photography
Ceremony Venue: Centennial Rose Garden
Reception Venue: Old Mill Boathouse
MUA: Eva Terez Beauty
Catering: Coast and Country Caterers

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If you’re an avid reader of the blog, you might already know that I offer beginner photography classes with my bestie, Charlene . We focus (no pun intended 😉 ) on teaching basic photography skills like composition, perspective, angles, leading lines etc, and also get you started on shooting in manual mode. We’ve had some amazing classes, and it’s been great fun, but recently we started having a conversation about putting a course together specifically for more advanced photographers.

In this business, having strong photography skills is important, but it is secondary to having good business sense. Which is a crappy truth. I’ve seen wildly successful photographers with solid, but totally boring portfolios, and I’ve seen photographers with these mind-blowingly great portfolios, that struggle to book anything!! Some great photographers will become well known based solely on their unique creativity, but that doesn’t happen often. So, while we don’t consider ourselves the wikipedia of business skills for photographers, we have been through a few years of business, have made a lot of mistakes along the way, and would love to teach others what we’ve learned over time. So, the Advanced Workshop was born!


We recently held our first Advanced Workshop in Abbotsford, with 5 amazing girls. They are all at different places in their businesses, but were all motivated to learn as much as they could to bring their businesses to the next level. The first night was spent chatting about business licences, taxes, client care, blogging and SEO, and pricing profitably. Yep, it’s dry. But it’s IMPORTANT!! And quite honestly, hanging out with me and Char is never boring. Even when talking about taxes. 😉 The 2nd night covered everything on the shooting and workflow side; posing, lighting, different ways of metering, culling the images, editing, backing up and delivery to the client. And then we finished off the workshop with an evening shoot to put all of our technical tips into practice! The shoot was a blast, and our models were awesome.

We’re hoping to hold our next round of workshops in October! Both Advanced and Beginner . If you’re interested in joining us for either class, feel free to subscribe to our newsletter to get links to early bird registration, before we open it up on our Facebook pages! The newsletter will also notify you when a new post hits the blog, and you may also get the odd photography tip sent to your inbox! Sign up now by clicking the “newsletter” bar on the left and enter your email. Badda bing badda boom. Let’s stay connected!

Here are some recent images and kind words from a couple of the ladies that took our course:
Stacie Lynn Photography
“I had a blast learning from these two amazing photographers! I was so lost when it came to the business side of things and am thankful to have it explained in a way that I could actually grasp. This workshop gave me the confidence to officially treat my business like a business and the knowledge behind me to back that up! Thank you!”

Angela Evelyn Photography
“I learned so much and had so much fun when I participated in the Focus Advanced Workshop! A lot of the ‘business’ side of things was super helpful – I find myself referring back to my material and notes frequently. One of the best techniques I learned helped me meter for the correct light and get my focus points perfect.”
newborn angelaevelynphotography

Owl & Lily Photography
“I learned a lot at this Focus Workshop! The business end of it was super helpful and the hands on shoot out was a great time! Jete and Charlene are super fun and easy going and such talents in their industry!

And since I gave them all of 3 hours notice, these two were not able to send me a recent photo. And since Marlies hasn’t started a FB page yet, I can’t link you to her work. But if she ever does, I’ll be sure to update this!

Patchwork Photographic I can sneak in a photo she took, because it’s one she took of me on a recent trip to Pender Island. And I freaking LOVE it.
11243153_10152855873207267_137405388_o (1)

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