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SRSLY. If I could shoot weddings, engagements, and proms for the rest of my life, I’d be the happiest photographer in the world. But my FAVE is when I can shoot prom photos at sunset. Y’know, not on the actual day of prom. A glorious sunlit evening, at the perfect location… sighhhh. It’s not ideal, since you may want to have your hair and makeup done for your photos, and this would require you to have to pay for them twice, but I promise it’s worth it!!
So Hailey is awesome, because she decided to go for it. I don’t like taking a lot of daytime sessions, since I’ve got two little men at home, so prom sessions don’t happen for me often. So this was super awesome for me!! I met Hailey and her boyfriend Hadyn at Island 22, and we spent a couple of hours roaming the park, getting a mix of casual and prom photos. Hailey is stunning, and such a gem of a person!! We laughed a LOT ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thank you so much Hailey and Haydn, it was awesome to meet you guys!

May I present Mr & Mrs Moore
Tamara totally reminded me of when I was planning our wedding. My mom ended up hiring me a planner, because I was so chill about the whole process, and nothing was getting done! I think Tamara kicked my butt in the “being proactive” department, but she was just as chill. Her focus was on the fact that she was marrying the love of her life, and the other stuff took a backseat. This resulted in such a laidback, awesome wedding day!! I love how the day played out. We hung out for a bit while everyone got hair and makeup done, and then headed off to the ceremony. Following the ceremony, me and my wonderful 2nd shooter, Kerensa, had the opportunity to hang out with just the bride and groom at a gorgeous property! I loved this. It was chill, and less awkward for Luke and Tamara since noone was standing around watching the goings on. And the colors matched the wedding colors perfectly!! Following this little session we headed back to Tamara’s parents place for lunch and family photos, after sneaking in a few additional photos in the hayloft!!, and then left with the bridal party for more photos. We were able to use a private property in Yarrow for some photos, which was a gorgeous spot, and then did a few more at the new Browne Creek Wetlands before heading to the reception at Ramada Abbotsford. It was such an awesome day. Luke & Tamara, thank you so much for making me feel at home, and for being totally rad on your wedding day!!

It makes me feel really old when my nephews and nieces start graduating. I feel like I just graduated and got married myself!! But it’s super exciting, and brings back all those feelings of graduation day. I’m so happy when I’m available and can grab some photos for them to remember that day. This is my freakishly tall and good looking nephew, Tyler, and his freakishly good looking and not as tall girlfriend Rachel. They are absolutely adorable on the outside, but don’t let those good looks fool you. They’re both as smart as they are cute. Huge congrats you guys, and I’m glad I could hang out with you for a couple of hours!

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    Hi, how much do you charge for prom pics? Would you be avilable on June 27?ReplyCancel

I am so thrilled this session finally happened!!! When I was first chatting with Justin & Amanda about their wedding, Amanda mentioned that she really wanted to do a trash the dress session sometime after the wedding. I had never done one, and they are completely up my alley. I freaking LOVE shooting weddings, but often we don’t get the same opportunities for creativity, because the bride is worried her dress will get wet, dirty, dusty, ripped etc. So you can understand why I so badly wanted to shoot one of these!! And because Amanda and I go way back (we used to work together), it was such a fun, comfortable session. I took my hubby Erik along, and the 4 of us hung out for a few hours, exploring Deep Cove, and then went out for dinner and drinks post-shoot. After changing out of our wet clothes in a parking lot. We’re classy that way.
And just to put it out there, “trash the dress” is a bit of a misnomer. I’m not 100% sure on the meaning of that word, but I’m pretty sure I’m using it in the correct context, and it sounds really cool. But we don’t necessarily “trash” your dress. In fact, I’m pretty sure Amanda was disappointed in the amount of trashing we did. She was up for ANYTHING. But we may get wet, we may get a bit dirty, but this stuff can all get cleaned out after the session! So don’t be afraid, and BOOK YOURS TODAY!!!
Without further ado…
A huge shout out to Deep Cove Kayak for allowing us the use of their paddleboards for a few photos! This one turned out to be one of my favorites EVER!!
Thanks again you two!!

I hired an employee!!! haha, probably not a big deal to most, but seriously, I can’t believe I’m running my own business and I legit have someone on payroll! #itsthelittlethings

It’s crazy to look back 5 years and think this all started because one of my best friends was getting a dslr for Mother’s Day, and I thought that was a really great idea. So I batted my eyelashes at my hubby while telling him how awesome my best friend’s hubby was for buying such a great gift, and I got one too! The power of eyelashes. Don’t discount it, ladies. Well, then one thing led to another, and soon I was shooting way too much, charging way too little, making way too many mistakes (I’m so sorry, original clients), but learning like crazy. It didn’t take me long to realize that I loved photography with every ounce of my being, and I began legitimizing things; figuring out my costs, and trying to turn my hobby into a profitable little business. And now I’m here. I’ve learned that weddings are what i love to shoot, and I pinch myself every time someone hires me to document their big day. It’s crazytown.

But I’ve also learned that running a business is really hard to do with 2 littles at home. I started looking at ways to work smarter instead of harder. Last year I began outsourcing my editing, but it never got to the point where I could get my edits back and deliver them straight to the client. I was still tweaking this and tweaking that, and I was paying a lot for a service that didn’t do what I was hoping it would. So at the beginning of this year, my busiest year to date, I knew I had to get my ducks in a row. And here to that for me? DUN DUN DUN.
Meet Rachel.
Rachel is this amazing gem of a girl; selfless, amazing with kids, genuine, and chill. And she’s a rockin photographer herself. Check out her work here and here This makes her the perfect candidate for editing, since she already has a fantastic eye for colour and exposure! I’m so excited to have her on board, to help me get weddings delivered quicker than ever before! And she’ll free me up to work on blogging (I’ve been failing miserably in that department), social media (pretty dismal), album design, emails etc. And depending on my editing workload, she may also be helping out with all those things as well. So if you get an email from Rachel, now you have a face to put with the name.

And I just want to give a HUGE shout out to everyone that has entrusted me to capture their weddings, engagements, maternity or newborns, or families. I wouldn’t be here without you. Without your encouragement, without your referrals, without your positive reviews. Y’all mean the world to me. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

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