Captain Fussy Pants

Blake is such a fussy eater.   I can name the stuff he eats on 2 hands.  And I’m not generalizing, like saying one of the fingers is for cookies.  No, one of the fingers would be for a specific type of cookie.  This is one of the biggest challenges we’ve had with raising this little dude.  I know, if that’s the biggest challenge we’ve had…  But it is SO FRUSTRATING.  He’s 2.5 years old, and he weighs maybe 25lbs soaking wet.  So, as a mother, my job is to help him grow.  And I’m failing!!  Don’t worry, I don’t actually need therapy or anything.  I know all I can do is continue to encourage, and continue to let him try new things. 
Anyways, we had a bit of a breakthrough yesterday.  Obviously, Blake’s at the age where he wants to assert his independence, so I thought I would give him a spoon and let him fly at ‘er.  I’m a bit OCD when it comes to messes, so I always like to save myself the trouble of cleaning up if I can, but I thought I better let loose and see what happens.  Well, amazing things happen when you loosen up a little.  🙂  Here is Blake, happily eating his cereal, where normally he would be yelling and crying and trying to climb out of his chair while I tried to feed him. 

  • Katie Pennings

    woohoo! one post down and love it already! Pumped to see your pics!:)ReplyCancel

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