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Chilliwack Engagement Photographer │ Alicia & Garret

This engagement session was equal parts epic, freeeeezing cold, and ridonculous. I love these two!! super sweet, super easy to shoot, and just so easy to get along with! I shot Alicia’s brother, Jason, and his beautiful wife, Malin’s last year (and they just had a BEAUTIFUL baby girl!!), and got to meet these two at the wedding. Alicia and Jason are actually my cousins, but when you have a really big family, you just don’t see them all that much… Sad i know… So it was kinda like meeting them, again, for the first time. Super logical, I know 😉
After taking all of December off, and also trying to keep my January as light as possible to concentrate on a beginner’s photography workshop that I put on with my photog bestie , I am DYING to get out shooting!!! And posting this engagement session, along with this GORGEOUS weather we’re currently experiencing, makes me even worse. Super stoked that I have an engagement session coming up this Saturday! My first shoot of 2014 – phew!!
I love this location. So so much. It suits my style perfectly – open fields, tall grass, mountains. Pretty sure if I could only shoot at one location for the rest of my career, I MIGHT just pick this one. Might. Don’t hold me to it… I’d definitely take a few days to make a heavy decision like that… Mind you, if I could dig a lake in the middle of it – BAM! done. And this spot also suits Alicia & Garret perfectly. So for THIS sesh? Easy decision 😉 I’m kind of in love with these images, not gonna lie. Hope you like them too!!
Hello?!  First couple of frames, and you look THIS good??  These two are born posers.  Just sayin.
Looooove the frost on the leaves!!
And because y’all know I’m a sucker for awesome bokeh…  (and if you didn’t, ya do now.)
Photographer FAVE!!  ↓
oh, just stop it.
seriously.  stop it.
That LIGHT!!!
Can you see the frost on the grass??  As soon as we hit the shade it dropped about 17,000 degrees.
Another fave!! They fit right into that scene!!
This is where we live.  *so blessed*
Oh heyyyyy
Kinda fun 😉

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