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Duck Dynasty. I’ve never actually watched the show myself, but a few people that I consider good friends (ergo, high coolness factor) seem to be mildly obsessed with it. Apparently rednecks are making a comeback. Now I don’t mean to be rude, or judgemental, or shallow, but c’mon people, belt buckles the size of a small child’s head just can never be cool! Ever. But people who love to hang out around fires at the river, ride dirt bikes, go 4x4ing, now THESE kind of rednecks I can relate to! I love that kind of stuff. I’d do it more if I didn’t have 2 kids who filled their diapers every 3.5 minutes – this creates a bit of a logistical problem when it’s snowing outside and there’s poo oozing out the side of a diaper and well, where do you change them? Not fun. Not my cup of tea. And I can only ask babysitters so often y’know? Or they tend to stop saying yes! It’s a very intricate balancing act. Anyways, rednecks. Generally super fun, laidback, awesome sorts of people. Like these two. Now, I’m not sure if they would consider themselves rednecks, and I’m really hoping I’m not offending them by making that inferrence, but these guys ROCK!! Two of the most super fun, laidback, awesome sorts of people I’ve met! We had so much fun tromping through frosty, knee-high grass, skirting glacial-fed streams, climbing precarious, duck dynasty-style ladders, and riding dirt bikes at the river. Well, they did. i didn’t. I would’ve loved to, but they probably would’ve ended up with a lot of blurry pics. In summation, or as we said in science class, in conclusion, awesome couple and an awesome time. Love you guys, can’t WAIT til your wedding!!

  • larissa sheremeto

    oh man, jete! of course this post is super close to my heart… and i’m not being biased (i don’t think!) but these pictures are freaking gorgous m’dear and is by far the best e-session that i’ve ever seen. laura is such a true beauty – inside and out and i think in so many of these pictures you really captured her personality. i think a stranger can look at these and see how sweet she is. it totally captures daniel too! redneck, plaid, dirtbikes and the love of his life… looove these soo much! you have outdone yourself yet again. looking so forward to seeing the wedding photos! love your work, xoxoReplyCancel

  • Carina

    Once again Jete, you rock it out of the park. And reading your post always gives me a giggle. I absolutely love the pics with the barn- her cardi matches the windows!!!! Love them!ReplyCancel

  • Laura Gilburg

    Jete! your write up is so funny!! no offence taken at all;) haha Daniel actually loves that show as well.. haha and maybe me too;) we had a blast with you and I feel like we were just hanging out. You are so talented I couldnt be happier with my decision to choose you. I can’t wait for the wedding either!
    You are great:)ReplyCancel

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