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So here it is: my last official post as a newborn photographer. This is probably going to be a mumbo jumbo mess of words so bear with me. Mind you, aren’t all my posts like that?? Seriously. Ok, so this will come as nothing new then. Glad we cleared that up. I decided last fall to stop offering newborn sessions. I wish I could say that it was something that took a lot of heart-searching etc etc, but I’m going to be honest. It didn’t. Most people that get into photography start out by offering the whole gamut of session types: maternity, newborn, couples, kids, families. You’ll take work where you can get it, because every session gives us the opportunity to learn and grow. But over time, I started to learn where my strengths were, and where I came up short. It’s difficult to show up at a session with a lot of ideas, and only succeed in 1 or 2 of them. Not just difficult, but frustrating. That’s where I was with newborns. And let me preface by saying that I’m not even much of a newborn person. I ABSOLUTELY don’t want to offend anyone by saying that, and I hugely appreciate everyone who has hired me for a newborn shoot. But even with my own babies, I just wanted them to get older and start talking. I’m not one of those people that will hold a complete stranger’s newborn and have my ovaries dancing the macarena! So I’d anticipate a session, come up with some ideas, show up at their door with armloads of blankets, buckets, headbands, wraps, beanbag, towels and who KNOWS what else! We’d shoot for a while with baby being awake, but there are only so many shots you can get of an awake newborn. In order to get those ridiculously adorable poses, baby has to be OUT. LIKE. A. LIGHT. So we’d wait. And rock. And nurse. (not me, obvs… Just thot I’d better clarify). and rock some more. And finally, after an hour or more, baby would finally fall asleep. So we’d quickly get some shots, add a hat or a headband, get those amazing details – lips, eyelashes, fingers and toes, and then we’d move babe into the next pose. Well, whaddya’ know? Baby’s awake again. Oh, and now she pooped. Clean her up, crying, more rocking and waiting… You get the general idea. And reason #3? An average newborn session is 2 to 3 hours, and because I have my weekends booked with family sessions, they usually occur during the week. So I have to find a babysitter, which is never ideal. So there is my rambling post about why newborns are no longer on my offering roster! Again, I really wanna put it out there that I was excited with all you expectant parents, and I honestly did love to meet your families and new babies. At this time in my life, it’s just not a session that is easy or fulfilling for me! Plus, I didn’t feel like I was giving my clients photography that was worth the investment they were putting in. But let’s end on a happy note, and check out these last three adorable newborns I had the pleasure of meeting!

  • Your work is beautiful ! With that said, I totally get the stress involved with the shooting and waiting and shooting and waiting. As I push outward with my brand, it’s not on my future plate AT ALL, I loved taking images of my daughter but I had all day to do that. Great post and kuddos to being so transparent.ReplyCancel

  • Ahh they are adorable. What a great way to end photographing newborns!ReplyCancel

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