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Sam & Andrew’s wedding day started with a bang.  And not a good one.  Erik’s truck has been acting up lately, and since he was in Whistler with the kids and my lovely van, I was stuck with his piece of ka-ka.  And of course, I live my entire life by the old adage of what can go wrong will go wrong.  So I had pulled over at a gas station in Yarrow on my way to Sam’s house and OF COURSE, the truck won’t start.  I wanted to cry, but instead banged my forehead against the steering wheel, popped the hood, jiggled the battery post connections, scraped the corrosion off with a handy scraper Erik had left me, and tried it again.  Nothing.  This time I hit the steering wheel with my fist, because my forehead hurt already, and then called Sam.  Pretty sure there’s nothing more embarrassing than calling a bride on her wedding day to let her know that you would like nothing more than to cause a bunch of drama.  She sent her ridiculously sweet mama to come and rescue me, and then even MORE embarrassingly, my truck started while she was on her way…  nuff said.

Sam was super chill, surrounded by friends and family and absolutely glowing!! She had her makeup done by the super sweet and talented Darcie Arcand.
I snuck in the bathtub and shot this over the shower curtain – scared the crap out of these girls!! *evil laugh*
Seeing Sam in her dress made it real for Sam’s mom – the tears were starting! <3
While I was hanging out with the girls, Rachel got a few shots of the guys hanging out and getting ready. Then they all moseyed over to the farmhouse in Yarrow for Sam & Andrew’s first look!
I always love the emotion we capture when we shoot a first look. So so special. While we waited for the guys to show up, we shot some of Sam working her dress and her adorable cowboy boots!
You’re such a beauty, Sam. Inside and out.
And then the moment these two had been waiting for ALL MORNING!
I like to imagine that he’s completely blown away by how beautiful his bride is and how amazingly blessed he is to be marrying her.
After the first look, we did some shots under Sam’s willow tree. I’m in LOVE with these and we had so much fun!! I have a lot of outtakes from this part of the day 😉
Then we booted off to the Chilliwack Corn Maze , the site of their ceremony and reception, to pick up their flowers. We quickly shot a few photos there before heading off to a final location along Chilliwack Lake road.

Photographer’s fave of the day <3 <3 <3

Then we went back to the Corn Maze so Sam & Andrew could make it OFFICIAL!!

Sam was hiding behind a sheer curtain in the orchard, which is where her dad saw her for the first time. Second to the groom seeing her for the first time, this is so so awesome. Daddy letting go of his beautiful baby girl. Sigh.

Annnnnnd ceremony time!

Loved this sand ceremony.


Husband and wife!!

And then a gorgeous reception full of country details. Sam’s aunt did an amazing job on all the flowers. I love how bright and cheery the sunflowers are!




Instead of tinkling glasses, they devised a target that had all sorts of different kisses on it, and then you had to shoot a gun at the target to see what kind of kiss Sam & Andrew had to do.  It didn’t take long for that idea to take off!
Amazing food by the Ramada!!  Along with a whole pig on a spit, which Sam set up as a surprise for her man 😉
And a very apt cake for these outdoor lovers!!  Great job by Kick Ass Cakes

Thanks again Sam & Andrew and all your friends and family for making us feel so welcome. We had such an amazing day and know you guys did too!! Congrats again!

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  • Wow, where do I start? The coolest thing ever is that you found a couch out in a field. Who woulda thunk that? No really, that’s awesome! The outdoor willow tree shots are great but I really love your group shots and how creative you get with them. I’ve seen small and large groups shot so many different ways just on your blog alone. Live your crisp vibrant style and detail captures.ReplyCancel

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