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Cream & Blush Wedding │ Allan & Mikayla

I love hearing the stories of how my couples meet. Sometimes they’re so random, and it seems crazy that from one serendipitous interaction, a lifetime of happiness can be built! These two met at a concert in Vancouver. Allan is a good friend of Mikayla’s brother, and he started hanging out with him a wholllle lot more after he met his sister! The rest is history <3 This wedding was so laid back! I began the day shooting at Mikayla's parents where the girls were all getting ready. Once the guys were all decked out and ready to go, they made their way over in the limo, and Allan & Mikayla had their first look in the bride's beautiful back yard. They were so happy to see eachother!! After they took a moment to talk about their excitement and feelings about the day, Mikayla led Allan inside where she gave him a piano solo. These kind of moments are what I live for. You could tell how much this meant to both of them, and the emotions ran high. Sometimes it's hard not to feel that you are not welcome during a moment. That you are interfering. But on the other hand, I know that the images I'm creating are going to be ones they will cherish forever! From there they all piled into the limo for a ride to Yarrow, where we hung out for the rest of the afternoon doing photos at Browne Creek Wetlands, and along the river! After a couple of really really hot hours of shooting, we made a pit stop for ice cream, before meeting both families at Gwynne Vaughn Park for family photos. Allan & Mikayla, thank you so much for having me and Kerensa along for your day! Can't wait for you to see your canvas and album!!Vanderwaal blog 2Vanderwaal blog 3Vanderwaal blog 4Vanderwaal blog 4aVanderwaal blog 4bVanderwaal blog 5Vanderwaal blog 6Vanderwaal blog 7Vanderwaal blog 8Vanderwaal blog 8aVanderwaal blog 9Vanderwaal blog 10Vanderwaal blog 11Vanderwaal blog 13Vanderwaal blog 14Vanderwaal blog 15Vanderwaal blog 16Vanderwaal blog 17Vanderwaal blog 17a
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