Cultus Lake Maternity │ Tammy & Wes

I went through a phase with my SIL of hiking once or twice a week. We even bought “hiking shoes”. It was fun while it lasted, but then life got in the way, and our best intentions fell by the wayside. I’m sure one or two of you can relate 😉 Anyways, I was absolutely blown away by the amazing GORGEOUSNESS of the mountains and lakes we’re surrounded by! During one of our forays, I came across the meadow. A meadow blanketed by ferns and speckled throughout with these huge, old-growth, moss-covered trees. Oh, and perfect light. Kind of a trifecta of amazingness. So when Tammy (yup, THAT Tammy. That gorgeous, ridiculously talented Tammy from Blooms in Design ) contacted me for a maternity session, I knew I wanted to drag her and Wes there. Poor girl. I guess I didn’t really contemplate for too many seconds the fact that she’s carrying an extra human being around, before I asked her if she was up for a little “walk”. But the little bit of sweat was worth it, no?? And we couldn’t leave Cultus without some shots at the lake. I’m kind of in love with this session!! Tammy & Wes, wishing you rest and patience as you bring your little bub into the world!!

Photographer FAVE! ↓


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