I Promise I’m Not That Interesting

I’ve been married since 2003, and I still suck at pretty much everything that’s required to be a good wife. Well, maybe not everythingggg, but definitely all the Little House on the Prairie stuff. Y’know the cooking, cleaning, laundry… But my hubs pitches in like a boss, and somehow we get shit done.

I love food. I was going to get specific here, and say I like sushi, or nachos from Tacofino or those Sea Salt & Caramel Lindt chocolate bars, but that list would get REAL freaking long. So I summarized. For your sanity.

I’m passionate about travel. Life is so short, and there are SO MANY PLACES I want to see, and so many cultures I want to experience. It’s hard (read: expensive) to travel with 3 kids, so our planet exploration has taken a bit of a backseat these days. Much to my chagrin… HIT A GIRL UP IF YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED SOMEWHERE AWESOME (which basically means anywhere. I will definitely hop on a plane to shoot your wedding!!)

I’m pretty much the polar opposite of a diva. I’m very laidback, don’t take anything seriously (unless it is actually serious, in which case I’ll be serious, pinky promise. Oh, and with the exception of my biz, which I actually take pretty darn serious. I don’t take this memory-capturing shit lightly!!), and I prefer yoga pants and a sweater over any outfit that require jewelry. (But I can put myself together when I have to. I won’t shoot your wedding in a tracksuit or a neon tee that says Def Lepard on it.)

I keep it real.

We don’t have any pets. We tried out having a kitten in 2017, and it lasted a whole 72 hours, during which time Sydney ate his kitty litter TWICE. That was pretty sketch. Good thing my sister-in-law didn’t mind taking her kitty back…  UPDATE.  Sydney is now 2, and we are the proud parents of an orange cat named Pepper!!

I don’t like being cold.

I love reading. Mostly novels these days because when you have 3 kids hollering at you, you tend to lose your train of thought pretty quickly.

So there you have it. A very condensed list of what makes me tick.

Want to learn more?  Like, how I roll from a business perspective?  Or maybe you’re interested in my prices?  Or perhaps you fell in love with me so fast, you just want to grab the bull by the horns and book me!

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