Stunning Winter Engagement │ Nexxis & Andrew - Urban Fig Photography

Stunning Winter Engagement │ Nexxis & Andrew

Another gorgeous, sunny, wintery engagement session! You may have noticed from previous posts that I love shooting in the sun. It just adds some “happy” to the images! But, if I had to choose between -20 degrees with the windchill on a sunny day, vs 5 degrees without wind on a cloudy day?? let’s just say the cloudy day is starting to look mighty appealing!! And what a whiner I am; I’m not the one that has to look good! I can wear a toque, parka, gloves, leggings, pants over my leggings, socks over my pants and insulated winter boots if I felt like it. But I totally get that people actually want to look good when they get pics done! That they don’t want to show up looking like me, aka the giant woolly mammoth.. So this girl showed up in her 3/4 length t-shirt, cute scarf and jeans and WORKED it in the freezing cold for an hour!! But I hafta say – totally worth it my friend 😉 You guys look so great and it was a blast working with you! Hopefully it’ll be a little warmer for your 2015 wedding??!
see? Sun = happy!
One of my faves! I love how you can see so little of them, but still feel such a connection. And a moody black and white just takes the cake 🙂
Ahhh that sunflare!!!
Love this shot – you guys look so in love and happy!
Love this idea for save the dates – chalkboard sign, some haybales, and a tall, grassy field!
And, hot chocolate!! They got a few sips in before it went totally cold 😉
I am LOVING my new Tamron 70-200 – check out that compression and bokeh!! Super excited to start using this lens a LOT.
Seeing all these beautiful engagement rings makes me want to get a new one! I was really young when I got married, and let’s just say that my taste has changed a little 😉
Can’t wait to shoot your wedding you guys!! So excited to be a part of your big day!
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