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    Welcome to my blog! I'm a wedding and engagement photographer from Chilliwack, BC and I'm glad you stopped by! I know this is the page where I'm supposed to talk about myself, but it feels really weird. I'll be short and sweet.

    I'm married to the most amazing guy in the world (I know, everybody says that, but in my case it's actually true) and I have two crazy boys that I love to bits when they're behaving. Things i love in no particular order: Chinese food, sunshine, my kids, facebook, photography, family, books, travel, date nights, God, potato chips, sunshine... I know I already mentioned that, but hey, this is my list... Nothing makes me happier than waking up to a sunny day. Oh, that and no screaming kids.

    I love my job immensely, but I don't make it a super serious affair. My primary goal during a photo shoot is to make everyone feel comfortable and help them relax and have a good time. And then I just document the magic!

    Contact me if you have any questions, or want to book a session! xoxo Jete Devisser

    P.S. Loving my new pic from Charlene Stam Photography!

Shelby’s Pond Wedding │ Alicia & Garret

AHHH This wedding!! I knew I was going to absolutely love this day, for multiple reasons. 1. Alicia is my cousin, and is totally rad. Sweet as can be, absolutely gorgeous, and tons of fun. 2. Garret is not my cousin, but is equally sweet, not totally bad-looking, and kinda hilarious himself. 3. The dress. Need I say more?? 4. Their engagement session was rad, so I knew their wedding would be too. 5. THAT DRESS!!! So that’s a short summary of how I arrived at my feelings;)
Alica was totally calm, and having a great time hanging out with her sisters during hair and makeup. Her makeup was already done by the time I had arrived, and it looked fantastic. The ladies at Gente Bella are awesome! And of course, Montana Bullied, did an AMAZING job on the girls’ hair! I love working with Montana. She’s creative, but chill, and does such a wonderful job! Once everyone was beautified and dressed, we headed off to a private residence for one of my favorite first looks everrrrr.
In the meantime, one of my favorite people, Kerensa , spent a few minutes with the guys before meeting us for the first look!
So. This first look. ohmagoodness. Alica wrote Garret a letter, and then waited behind him until he finished. Then he turned around, saw the girl he’d be spending the rest of his life with, his best friend, his soul mate, and they embraced like noone was watching. Best EVER.
Since this property is a dream to shoot at, we hung out for a bit, before making our way to Harrison for some photos before the ceremony!
I finally got to shoot a wedding at Shelby’s Pond , and it absolutely didn’t disappoint!! The owners are phenomenal, and the property is stunning!! Alicia & Garret did a beautiful job decorating, and once again, we had an amazing dinner provided by Cookies Grill ! The night was spent mingling, eating, drinking, listening to hilarious and emotional speeches and stories, taking loads of selfies, and eating tons of cake. Alicia & Garret, we were so stoked to hang out with you, and wish you every happiness moving forward!!

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